Travel Tuesday.

Travel Tuesday: Macakizi Hotel, Bodrum
It’s called the “St.-Tropez of Turkey” for the views, the ocean and the celebrities. Türkbükü, an elite, ultra-trendy destination for yachties from Istanbul and beyond, is a tiny strip of high-end boutiques, restaurants and midsize hotels, set on a curve around a deep bay best accessed by boat (or by diving off the wooden piers). Macakizi, with 81 rooms and suites, reclines at the end of the strip in one of the best spots. It’s just about the end of the season, so sail on…



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I’m on an adventure in Turkey and Greece, so we’re doing things a bit different this week. Take a trip from Athens to Cappadocia… After all, what kind of bad blogger would I be, if I didn’t take you with me? 
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Fly: Athens to Cappodocia
Time: 4 hours
Airline: Pegasus Air
Passengers: @Jessboff, @Jfsica & @KiraKaplan

Check In: The Hezen Cave Hotel
The Hezen Cave Hotel is in the heart of the village of Ortahisar, a central base for exploring the famed landscapes of Cappadocia. It’s a destination in the midst of change and modernization; Ortahisar’s economy has long been based on the cave storage of citrus fruit, but now many caves are being transformed into boutique hotels

Cappadocia’s proximity to the Silk Road kept it populated for thousands of years. The Hittites, who lived here in the 18th century BC, dug amazingly detailed multilevel underground cities that can be explored on daylong tours. Later, the early Christians carved thousands of churches and monasteries out of the solid rock, painting frescoes that have been preserved by the crisp dry climate. Exploring the area fully could take months, but one shortcut is to join in on one of Cappadocia’s most popular attractions: a hot air balloon flight at sunrise over the otherwordly landscape. See ya tomorrow. 



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