How do you prepare for Electric Zoo Music Festival? By remembering 365 days, at 365 BPM…. Electric Zoo. Ultra Music Festival. Coachella. Snowball Music Festival. Pacha. Ibiza. New York. Miami. Dance. Moby. Kaskade. Afrojack. 12th Planet. Bassnectar. Zeds Dead. Snoop Dog. Carl Cox. Tiesto. Calvin Harris. GO.

By: JetsetFarryn
Music: DJ Rehab x Crystal Fighters



This Is Not a Fake. Coachella 2012 Lineup



Kaskade vs. Swedish House Mafia & Knife Party - Fire In Your New Antidote (Kaskade Mash Up) via @UnusuallySSPCT

And I quote: “I’m just messing around”
Oh sir, you can mess it up as much as you want.  



"Melancholy Hill" Kaskade vs. Gorillaz (Max Vangelli & AN21 Mix)

One of my favorites for a Monday. You’re Welcome! 



"Invisible" Kaskade Remix by Skylar Grey 

This is just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for the tip-off @Rosszboss.



Album Art
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Eyes (Extended Mix) by @Kaskade 

Because his new track should only be introduced from Istanbul. Stream it’ on a Sunday! 




Kaskade, Diddy, Dirty Money & Dirty South - Coming Home at 4 AM (Kaskade Mash Up) by Kaskade

Simply because it makes me smile. You’re Welcome! 



150,000 Fans. 3 Days. 8 Stages. Ultra Music Festival.

Despite the many forces trying to keep crowds away (fire at Miami airport, delays into Ft. Lauderdale Airport, traffic all over Miami, overbooked cab companies) over 150,000 enthusiastic fans made their way to Bicentennial Park on Friday for the 13th annual Ultra Music Festival (raise your hand if you drove from Orlando!). It was hot, it was packed and the schedule was chaotic, yet fans banded together for one simple reason: to dance the days away to one of the best electronic music lineups ever put together.

What once started as a small party on the beach in 1999 is now the world’s biggest dance music festival, encompassing three days, eight stages and more than 200 musicians, evidence that the electronic dance music craze has exploded into a full blown pop-culture revolution here in the United States.

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Manic Monday.


From D.C to Kaskade & me, here’s a weekend full of home-grown, all-naturale, organic beats and eats. My weekend recap, from start to finish….
Ready, steady go!

Travel. Fly - On-Air. Train. 

Thursday. All Day. 

So I flew to Washington DC on Thursday morning to appear on Let’s Talk Live… let’s just say I learned  few lessons. 

1. The @US Airways Shuttle? Umm, not so much. After 3 hours of delays and runway resting, I realized there’s only one good thing about this so-called shuttle: the variety and plethora of business men, curiously pondering why I’m on the 6 a.m to DC. Oh good mornin’…. 

@USAirways don’t make me late to my date with #WashingtonDC#delays

2. Don’t wear red and khaki on a morning show during the holidays. On my way out of the studio, a lovely man said “Oh look, its the Christmas elf"… 

Just finished up a travel segment for @LetsTalkLiveDC… Thankfully I made it here despite this weather!

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Kaskade & Me… Sittin’ in a Tree. D.A.N.C.I.N.G.


Kaskade. He’s incredibly handsome, humble and having one hell of a year. He has performed in front of cult-like fans at every festival from Bonnaroo to Electric Zoo, and his latest album, Dynasty, took out Justin Bieber as #1 in the iTunes charts. He’s collaborating with Will.i.am for an anti-drug PSA and is 100% Snookie approved. Yet he’s still amazed that “really hot model types and famous people are into house music now.

If you know me at all, you know that my Kaskade obsession runs far beyond his fairytale, feminine sound. Let’s just say his Monkey-loving’ tweets and 12-track journey of love have single handedly helped me (and thousands of others) “Start Again.” Just days away from his performance at Pacha’s Five Year Anniversary in NYC, I sat down with the oh-so-delicious DJ to discuss Tokyo, The Cure and why Electronic Dance Music is here to stay. Be sure to catch Kaskade (or my minute-to-minute coverage of him) at Pacha, this Saturday night. 

@JetsetFarryn: Truthfully, a lot of people have been asking me this, and maybe you can help set the record straight… What’s the difference between house/trance music? The short answer…

@Kaskade: Trance is very synthetic and the tempo is fast.  House is more organic and it has more of a shuffle or swing to it.  That is over simplifying it but you get the idea.

Well, what genre do you consider your music to fall under? Not to put you in a box or anything…

I use elements from everything including house and trance but if I had to choose my music leans way more to the house side of things.

Your music is a bit different than some of the big name acts in EDM right now… where did you first find your unique sound? 

While living in San Francisco I was inspired by the local deep house scene there. It really made me realize that it was not about the genre but more about the actual song and what was being said in the music.

As a kid, who inspired you? And who is inspiring you now….

When I was young I was really into a lot of the new wave stuff like The Smiths, The Cure and New Order.  Right now I am really feeling Dan Black, Dragonette and The Killers.

Did you have that “ah ha” moment of wanting to become a DJ?

K: I never really had that moment.  It feels like I have always kind of done music in some sort of fashion.  But I do remember when I got paid for my first show and I felt like I had tricked the promoter cause I would have played for free.
JSF: That’s exactly how I feel about my job (don’t tell Jetsetter)

What about the lifestyle? It’s certainly different than a 9 to 5 desk job. What’s the best part of it (the lifestyle) and the worst?

I am able to travel the world and meet interesting people that love music as much as I do.  The worst part of that is I spend a lot of time in crappy airports and planes.  But I don’t have anything to complain about.

You’re always on the road… but where do you consider home?

This is a good question and one I think about a lot.  I recently moved to Southern California from San Francisco but since I have been on the road I have spent little time there and it does not feel like home yet although that is where my mail is delivered.  Right now San Francisco still feels like home.

And do you have a “home away from home”?

Chicago is where I was born and raised so I always feel like I am home when I am there.

I asked Armin Van Buuren this same question because it’s certainly top of mind for many right now… In the last year, house music has become increasingly popular in the US. For example, Bonnaroo added a lunar tent (amazing set by the way) to accommodate for the growing desire for music of this kind. Why do you feel like EDM is currently trending?

Yes we are finally having our moment!  Finally it seems like everyone is ready to hear the music. I think this is happening because sonically this is the most interesting thing happening on the musical landscape right now.  The true innovation is happening in this genre and it is impossible to ignore.

This was your second year at Electric Zoo, what was different this year? And what do you hope to see next year?

It was so much bigger and better this year!  Everything from the crowds to the intensity of the production was amped up 10 times.  I loved it! Next year I want it even bigger and louder!

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"Go or Go Ahead" by @Rufus Wainwright, @Kaskade remix.

Just when I think I can keep my feelings for him under control, Kaskade goes out and does something like this. Soft and sweet, like warm nuts and a first class seat. Rufus, you and Kaskade are almost as good together as we are, almost. You’re welcome. 



Manic Monday


Weekend recap from start to finish…. go!
Creative costumes, one big ol’ dead mouse and candy…everywhere

@Fuerza Bruta Halloween Bash.

Thursday. 10 PM.

@Jetsetter, I’d only wear a crown for you…. let alone the crown of a cheesy port city pageant girl. Oh yeah, you heard me…. a pageant girl. But there’s one thing that wasn’t up for debate on Thursday, and that was Gilt Groupe ability to throw an amazing party. Fuerza Bruta was the perfect spot to start the spooky weekend off… clearly we had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad time.

To the @Jetsetterdotcom and @GiltGroupe halloween bash! RT @AWRadventures: @jetsetfarryn Thanks for the mention! Where are you heading next? 

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5 Ways to Catch the Beat.


So it’s pretty clear I like music, and heading out to concerts and events in NYC is my little way of escaping when I can’t actually escape. International DJ’s and musicians bring some flavor to the everyday, and @Pacha NYC packs in all the action.

Last weekend, renowned DJ @Bob Sinclar brought Jamaican beats to a massive and curious crowd. For the last two years, the French disco maven was holed up in Kingston, Jamaica with Sly & Robbie’s legendary crew, re-imagining all his biggest hits in a reggae style. And on Friday, Pacha hosted Tim Bergling aka @Avicii aka 1 of 3 of Swedish House Mafia whose broad sonic palette has given me a sweet tooth for Swedes.

So if you can’t travel to the city, let the city travel to you…. In honor of Pacha’s Five-Year Anniversary, here’s a month of transporting tunes, so gear up!

See all the action with the amazing video by SPREADhouse 

France: David Guetta
Friday, December 3.
Grammy Award-winning sensation David Guetta is coming back to the booth from which he first rocked New York. In just four years, Guetta has gone from Ibiza’s favorite son to every pop star’s go-to producer and an international star in his own right, gracing the cover of Billboard magazine.

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Follow Friday:


oundup of my favorite things this week… follow it, don’t judge it. 

Trek. Outward Bound – Bhutan.
Imagine hiking under Himalayan peaks past silky prayer flags flapping in the wind, through yellow fields and sun-dappled forests, as you challenge yourself in one of Outward Bound’s famous programs. This is Bhutan — a land where Gross National Happiness is much more important than GNP — and Buddhist monasteries are more prevalent than mansions. Gain a sense of adventure, teamwork and integrity with Outward Bound in Bhutan — a combination of luxury hotels and full-service camping — on your way to the base of Bhutan’s most sacred mountain, Chomolhari. Not to mention, you get to hang out with Himalayan sheep!

What is there to say? Dream about Outward Bound Bhutan on Jetsetter.  

Music. @Kaskade.
My fellow Monkey lover and soon-to-be hubby Kaskade is giving us a new treat next week. Dance.Love, a new remix album coming on September 28th. There’s some shady new songs on there too… and on top of being the most handsome man in the game, he’s also generous. He dropped the back album of his cover for us today - just to make our mouths water over the weekend. 

Download Dance.Love on Tuesday - just don’t fall in love, because he’s taken. 

Grub. @Dumpling Festival.

I don’t discriminate Asian cuisine. Which makes the Dumpling Festival basically the best invention ever. Sample dumplings from Italy, China, Malaysia and Poland. Stuff your face at Sara D. Roosevelt Park - translation: the Basketball Courts at East Houston St. & Chrystie St.. And don’t miss the dumpling eating contest….the record is set at 66, but I’m betting my yen on a tie-score. Please note: Dumplings can not be smashed prior or during the eating contest.

Dive in to the Dumplings this Saturday from 12 -5 in NYC! 



Manic Monday - Version 1.0


Weekend recap, from start to finish… go!

2 days. 24 hours. 26 acres. 50,000 fans. 67 DJ’s, producers and live acts. 20 stops. 3 cameras. 1 life altering stage dive. Well hello to you, Electric Zoo.

The 12-hour, two-day festival showcased an eclectic mix of some of the world’s best electronic dance music, house, trance, techno, dub-step and more. Across 26 acres with four different stages, indie music mavens, cat suit-clad ravers, Shore-like fist pumpers, true House lovers and festival first-timers grooved as one.

Sustenance Stop.

Saturday. 12:30 PM.

With around 10 hours of animalistic dancing ahead of me, getting some grub was in order. Luckily, Electric Zoo had some tasty trucks on tap. @Miss Softee offered an electric cone full of fan favorite pop-rocks, while the super cute Peter Leeuwan scooped cinnamon ice cream himself, simply to see what all the fuss was about. Don’t be a fool, food is fuel. 

RT @ChemBros: Let’s turn this thing electric” - via doctorklein… The time has come. Get your Zoo face on. http://tumblr.com/x6xhljun0 11:19 AM Sep 4th

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