5 Ways to Catch the Beat.


So it’s pretty clear I like music, and heading out to concerts and events in NYC is my little way of escaping when I can’t actually escape. International DJ’s and musicians bring some flavor to the everyday, and @Pacha NYC packs in all the action.

Last weekend, renowned DJ @Bob Sinclar brought Jamaican beats to a massive and curious crowd. For the last two years, the French disco maven was holed up in Kingston, Jamaica with Sly & Robbie’s legendary crew, re-imagining all his biggest hits in a reggae style. And on Friday, Pacha hosted Tim Bergling aka @Avicii aka 1 of 3 of Swedish House Mafia whose broad sonic palette has given me a sweet tooth for Swedes.

So if you can’t travel to the city, let the city travel to you…. In honor of Pacha’s Five-Year Anniversary, here’s a month of transporting tunes, so gear up!

See all the action with the amazing video by SPREADhouse 

France: David Guetta
Friday, December 3.
Grammy Award-winning sensation David Guetta is coming back to the booth from which he first rocked New York. In just four years, Guetta has gone from Ibiza’s favorite son to every pop star’s go-to producer and an international star in his own right, gracing the cover of Billboard magazine.

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"Live Your Life" by @ErickMorillo & Eddie Thoneick featuring Shawnee Taylor.

Don’t let the Ibiza blues keep you down… You’re Welcome.



Sit Down.


A Moment with Eric Morillo 

IntoTheSpotlight caught up with him to discuss his career and his new projects… and I’ll be catching up with him live, tomorrow at @Pacha Ibiza. So listen up….

For over a decade now, Erick Morillo has remained one of the most in-demand and instantly recognisable DJs in the world. From the instant success of his weekly ‘Sessions’ parties in New York, to his coveted residency at Ministry of Sound (he’s still one of the only American DJs to ever hold one) and of course his now legendary Subliminal Sessions parties at Pacha, Ibiza, he now celebrates his 13th historic season at the club in 2010. 

Erick, obviously your biggest hit was ‘I Like To Move It’ - what impact has that record had on your career?

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