Bonnaroo By Numbers


It’s called Bonnaroo for a reason. Taken from the French word bon, meaning good, the annual music festival’s name literally means “a really good time” — and that’s exactly what it is… a really, really good time. 

Let’s lay it out:

1. The hysterical hour you will spend raging in the Silent Disco  
2. VIP tickets = exclusive VIP entrance… ballin’
3. Slices of Spicy Pizza you “will not” eat
4. Nights you will spend beneath the stars camping out like in Tent City.  
5. The two exclusive viewing areas on What and Which Stages and three lounges located throughout the fest - for your VIP pleasure
6. Times you will get lost if you don’t bring a flag, balloon or other creepy item to help locate your camping spot.
7. The new bands you’ll fall in love with at the Cafe Stage
8. The time each morning you will pretend to wake up for Yoga in Centeroo.
9. Years of attracting festival fanatics. Happy Birthday to Roo!
10. Hours you’ll spend in the car-lane if you’re not a New Yorker.



A Final Farewell.
The View From Bonnaroo. @Austyntatiouss Style. 

Peep the pics at Austyntatiouss.com 



Manic Monday - Version 3.0


On to the next one… @Bonnaroo Day 3. 
An @Austyntatiouss & @Jetsetfarryn Collaboration.
"Get Weird. Stay Hydrated" 

Saturday. 1:30 PM.

There is nothing more universal than soccer and a smile, and in most cases, the two go hand-in-hand… except for when the U.S is falling behind in fourth minute. Luckily, they redeemed themselves fast with a goal – marking the third-straight World Cup where the opening game featured one within five minutes. For those who could tear themselves away from the tunes, ‘Roo broadcasted the games at the Lunar Stage and for a little bit, it actually felt like we were a part of it. And then I remembered my cancelled plane ticket… and 4 leftover semi-finals tickets… and depression sank in. 

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Manic Monday - Version 2.0


On to the next one… @Bonnaroo Day 2.
An @Austyntatiouss & @Jetsetfarryn Collaboration.
Yes, there’s still more to go.


Friday. 10 AM.

How to suit up for the day at Bonnaroo - a step-by-step guide.

Brush your teeth.


@Austyntatiouss: Just took a beautiful shower in the grass courtesy of @jetsetfarryn… I am the happiest girl in the world. June 11, 2010 7:25:00 PM EDT via UberTwitter

Cook Breakfast.

Get dressed.
And then hit the ROOad for Day 2 at Roo. 

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Manic Monday - Version 1.0


Weekend recap from start to finish…go!

@Bonnaroo 2010. Four-day music festival. Manchester, Tennessee. Road-trip. Mud. Heat. Tents. Music. Food. Art. Newbies. Lots of Love.
Buckle your ‘belts for an Austytatious & JetsetFarryn Collaboration.

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Goodbye @BonnaRoo. Oh how I’ll miss you. 
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Goodbye @BonnaRoo. Oh how I’ll miss you. 

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Good Night. Sleep Tight. Don’t Let the Bonnaroo Bugs Bite.


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Album Art
80 plays

Soundbite. That Tree by Kid Cudi, @SnoopDog & Jay-Z
From Diwon BonnaJamz - inspired by the ‘Roo. 

Check back next week for full coverage of the bands at @Bonnaroo.

You’re welcome.



Follow Friday


oundup of my favorite things this week… follow it, don’t judge it.

Pop Up. @PlayBeautiful.
PlayBeautiful is an interactive, community-driven pop-up experience and celebration of the 2010 World Cup in NoLita, New York City this summer. Featuring real-time match viewing in a miniature soccer stadium, a full onsite retail store showcasing all of soccer’s top brands, live demonstrations by area and international freestyle footballers, free clinics with professional soccer coaches, private events and an unparalleled retail environment, PlayBeautiful will be the hub for World Cup mania in New York City.

Just don’t try and snag a seat for the Portugal vs. North Korea game - it’s my birthday and I’ll be celebrating in style with breakfast and Ronaldo at 7:30 am. The rest, are up for grabs at Play Beautiful. 

(My birthday, four years ago… yes, those are ALL my jerseys.)

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VIA: @Bonnaroo

There’s a lot to do at ‘Roo. @BrokenMic gives us a killer list of not-to-miss things on the 700-acre farm. For the full list, check out BrokenMic.com.

Adult Swim Ragbag of Jollification.
One of the first of many new additions to Bonnaroo this year is this “bright place of amusement.” Everything from custom t-shirts, eight extraordinary games, one colossal mound of meat, a majestic arcade, a one-quarter quarte mile putt-putt track and an endless parade of enjoyable prizes.

Arcade Tent
Need a little break from the sun and music? That’s okay. Bonnaroo’s got all kinds of things to suit whatever you’re into. Gamers and wannabes will want to hop on into the Arcade Tent to play some of the best classic arcade games like Frogger and Donkey Kong (I’m not much of a gamer) and some of the best in recent gaming, including Guitar Hero and Rock Band contests on the big screen.

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@Bonnaroo. En Route. T-Minus 12 Hours.
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@Bonnaroo. En Route. T-Minus 12 Hours.

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Wear it Wednesday



There’s nothing I love more than dressing the part. I particularly have a thing for body paint and cowboy boots. But at Bonnaroo, the four-day festival in Tennessee, style is more about staying power in the sticks

Here, Arielle Nachmani
 from Something Navy gives us three looks to help you stand out from the crowd…. or to help you stand in. Take your pick from our picks.

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