Manic Month. Part 1.


From Long Beach to Le Bain, Fatty Crab to Farmingdale, Flying…. yes, flying. Here’s my month in recap, in two parts…. 
Ready, set…. go!

Stay. Dream Downtown

The new Dream Downtown has the best of both worlds. Housed in a 1960s building designed by Albert C. Ledner, it’s situated at the crux of Manhattan’s art, design and nightlife scenes between Chelsea and the Meatpacking District. With a hot rooftop bar, a Miami-meets-Ibiza pool (with lounge chairs set in real sand) and modern rooms with classic Downtown views, you can have your party and a good night’s sleep, too.

 I dare you to be sexier #hotelworship (@ Dream Downtown) http://4sq.com/nnixOT

Hard day at work… @DreamDowntown #nyc http://lockerz.com/s/117876562

Chill Out. Long Beach.
Long Beach Lesson #1: Do not start a fight with a local girl who is most definitely  related to everyone inside the bar; Long Beach Lesson #2: There’s no crying in dancing even if you get knocked in the head… with another head; Lesson #3: The hot guys of New York are hiding beneath the surf; Lesson #4: There’s a rare form of fun to be had in this stop by the beach… the type of fun you imagine to find on a hot summers day with popsicles and sorbet-colored life guard stations. Low-key and relaxed, this seashore spot feels more like Key West than Long Island. So grab a Beach Bagel, chill out by the shore, dance at Cabana…. 

Taking our talents to #LongBeach @theSchabes @JFSica @TheRadler_


@JetsetFarryn: a dance. a headbutt. a drink. a beetle. and a good ol’ fashioned girl fight. #longbeach

Party For No Reason. CO-OP Food & Drink.
In complete truth, I have a thing for bringing people together, especially those people who are taking names around NYC. So, we took over CO-OP Food & Drink, the hot new spot by the Culinary Guerilla Brigade at the Hotel on Rivington for a #PartyForNoReason. Thankfully, Justin Bridges of Tucked LLC captured the chaos. In the house: Greg Minasian of SPREADhouse, Jace aka Grungy Gentleman, Niki Blasina of A Haute Mess, Christina Minasian of Pencey, Sean Hotchkiss of Khaki Crusader and the GQ Eye, Austyntatious, Doctor Klein and of course, The Velveteen. Support and Share. Do it. 

We-don’t-need-a-reason-to-party #Party ;) http://lockerz.com/s/119542141 RT @BaseManhattan: @Jetsetfarryn - Whats this thing tonight?

We never have any fun RT @grungygentleman: Just a normal Tuesday with @JetsetFarryn ==> http://t.co/HyfFN5B

Picnic. Bastille Day.

Join your fellow co-workers to celebrate any holiday…. any holiday that will get you out of the office on a hot summers day. Head to Madison Square Park, grab a box of grub (or a burger from Shake Shack) and lounge on the lawn. 

Getting killed in #BastilleDay trivia at @Jetsetterdotcom picnic (@ Madison Square Park w/ 35 others) http://4sq.com/oFRUKf

@JetsetFarryn: #France, you rock. Thanks for baguettes, Montaigne, Ta Douleur, Loire Valley, Belle Epoque, french kissing… and Zidane. #BastilleDay

Dine. Le Mystery Dinner Club.  
I really don’t have enough friends, so I decided to dine with some new ones… Le Mystery Dinner Club. 10 strangers, 1 reservation. The lady-behind-the-dates is not messing around. Don’t worry about the food, dinners are housed in restos like Smith & Wollensky, Bond Street and Mercer Kitchen. Don’t worry about the bill, there’s an easy-to-use one sheet; and don’t worry about kicking off the convo, guests are supplied with mini-bio’s of the other patrons. The result is a delicious meal and a lesson in the age-old art of true conversation. A dinner sans phones? Je ne sais quoi…

12 strangers. 1 dinner… Let Le Mystery Dinner Club begin @theSchabes @BondStreet

Get Fit. Hudson River.

So, I previously reported on the Manhattan Kayak School which gave me a great lesson on how to kill it in a kayak… but let’s be serious - do I really need kayaking instruction? If you’re a pro with a paddle, head to Pier 60 for free kayaking on the weekends. Just don’t go past the barrier, you might end up on freight territory.  

Me. @jhsisk. A rollerblade and a kayak. #perfectcombo #nyc 
Part Two…. Comin’ at you.  

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